An Idiot Abroad

In “An Idiot Abroad,” Karl Pilkington sets out to explore the Wonders of the World with the help of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

In both China and India, he lives through the normal tourist adventures such as visiting the famous sites, like the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal and tasting traditional foods. However, on both trips, he embarks on new experiences that both Ricky and Stephen arrange for him. In China, Karl explores fortune telling, kung fu, and traditional Chinese massages. In India, he participated in Holi Day, a festival known as “The Festival of Colors,” Indian yoga, and went to a cow sanctuary. This show is a good representation of other cultures around the world by providing insight on most of the everyday things that get overshadowed by historical landmarks.

    Although “An Idiot Abroad” is somewhat of a comedic show, it provides an ‘in-depth’ look at what China and India are known for. Viewing both counties through Karl’s eyes allows the viewer to partake in adventures that are not common for tourists. Karl participated in many activities that made him feel uncomfortable, however, participating in these activities allowed him to broaden his knowledge. The show represents both China and India to be countries with very spiritual and religious people. Karl explores through different cultures, such as learning kung fu, participating in Holi Day, and learning the reasons to why cows are sacred to Indians and is fascinated by some of the things he encounters. This representation is fair considering that we can learn about different cultures, religions, and of new things to do when visiting these countries. I believe this show would widely appeal to adults who have led a sheltered life and have not done much traveling but wish to do so. “An Idiot Abroad” educates, while incorporating entertainment,  viewers on what counties have to offer aside from their historical landmarks and serves as a guide for traveling and knowledge.


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