Ghetto Bitches

In this day and age, media shapes the way we think of “beauty.” Whether we think of beauty in a physical way or an emotional way, media cultivates the interpretation of beauty. Continue reading “Ghetto Bitches”


Making The World A Better Place

We all crave to live in a world where we have a perfect society, perfect governments, and perfect human beings. Unfortunately for us, there is no such thing as a utopia. Continue reading “Making The World A Better Place”

Conversation is the Answer

In “Making Conversation” and “The Primacy of Practice,” author Kwame Anthony Appiah expresses the importance in having respectful conversations so that we, as a global community, can learn from one another. Continue reading “Conversation is the Answer”

Consider The Pain

In Consider the Lobster, David Foster Wallace gives examples and supporting details to educate the reader on why it is not ethical to boil lobsters alive. A professional lobster man stated that there was a part of the brain that humans and other animals have that allow us to feel pain, but that lobster lack this particular part.

Continue reading “Consider The Pain”